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[TFF Spring x7] Buffer Adelaida

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Buffer features:

  • 1-39 lvl. - free-of-charge buff for all characters
  • 40-75 lvl. - charge for each buff 100 adena
  • 76+ lvl. - charge for each buff 500 adena
  • No resist buffs and no dances/songs

From 62 level  Certificate or 3 - 4 VIP level is required.

Main functions:

  • Obtaining buffs one-by-one ( 1 hour duration)
  • Obtaining of selected buff set (fighter/mage)
  • Recording of own profile with selected buffs
  • Buffs for pets
  • Current buffs canceling

Buffs available:


Skill1068_0.jpg Buff set Fighter:


Skill1240_0.jpg Guidance
Skill1204_0.jpg Wind Walk
Skill_1259_1.jpg Resist Shock
Skill1035_0.jpg Mental Shield
Skill1045_0.jpg Bless The Body
Skill1242_0.jpg Death Whisper
Skill1077_0.jpg Focus
Skill1068_0.jpg Might
Skill1040_0.jpg Shield
Skill1388_0.jpg Greater Might
Skill1036_0.jpg Magic Barrier
Skill1086_0.jpg Haste

Skill_1085_1.jpg Buff set for Mages":


Skill_1048_1.jpg Bless The Soul
Skill_1259_1.jpg Resist Shock
Skill_1078_1.jpg Concentration
Skill1035_0.jpg Mental Shield
Skill1204_0.jpg Wind Walk
Skill1040_0.jpg Shield
Skill1389_0.jpg Greater Shield
Skill1036_0.jpg Magic Barrier
Skill1045_0.jpg Bless The Body
Skill_1062_1.jpg Berserker Spirit
Skill_1085_1.jpg Acumen
Skill_1303_1.jpg Wild Magic
Skill_1059_1.jpg Empower

b6220baaa6ed95849fffdcafcff7.png Adelaida Certificate - gives access to additional useful functions for 30 days:

  • All Adelaida's buff for characters after 76+ lvl.
  • Access to the world (red) chat via the command > and & (reuse 10 minutes).
    You can turn off world chat in the settings:


  • Bonus available only for one character, who has a certficate (not for account)

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