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Server Orfen x3 (Server Information)

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Server opening 5 December 2020 at 19.00 (+3 UTC)
Open Beta Testing will be available from 21 November 2020

  • Server Name: Orfen x3
  • Chronicles: The Final Frontier: End of Interlude
  • Update: 1.6
  • Server time: Moscow (+3 UTC)

07274d53db7523eed784075d1f6e.png Server Rates:

  1-40 lvl 41-59 lvl 60-75 lvl 76+ lvl
EXP & SP х3
Adena х6 -> x5 х5 -> x4 х4 -> x3 х3
EXP, SP & Adena (Raid Boss) x1
EXP, SP & Adena (Epic Boss) x1
EXP & SP (Kama, Labyrinth) x1
Drop (Kama, Labyrinth) x1
Quest Rewards * х1 (+ changed rating for some guests)
Drop x3
Spoil x3 х2
Life Stones & Seal Stones х3
Enchant Scrolls (drop & spoil) х3
Recipes, parts, full armor x4 х3 х3 -> x1 х1
Recipes, armor from RB x2 х2 -> x1 х1

* Quests with custom rates for quest-items (x3):

  • Heart in Search of Power
  • The Zero Hour
  • Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 1
  • Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 2
  • Whisper Of Dreams Part 1
  • Whisper Of Dreams Part 2
  • Legacy of Insolence Supplier of Reagents
  • In Search of Fragments of Dimension


  • Gameplay
  • Main events
  • Epic and Raid Bosses
  • Features

8a5d26df374d604b38d3fd6eb719.png Features:

  • Number of boxes allows  - 9
  • Auto-learn skills up to level 20 
  • First & second profession can be learned without spell books
  • Offline trading is available to all players from the start with .offline command. You can start trading in specially designated areas.
  • Autoloot is available for all characters (exceptions: herbs, drop from Raid Bosses and Epics, drop from PK)
  • Number of buff slots: 20 + 4 (default)

a0e7a359800702f3e7f0a22db2ca.png Professions, subclasses:

  • The first and second professions can be purchased for Adena or SW Coin (will be indicated later)
  • Quest-items drop for 3rd profession increased: The Finest Ingredients, Alliance with Ketra Orcs/Varka Silenos

9bb45bd3cd1054a54db68307e929.png Clans, Ally, Clan Halls:

During PVP the same conditions apply for alliance members as for clan members (lack of AOE damage, debuffs, target through the /targetnext command).

Purchase and maintenance of clan halls:

  • Minimum bid - 80kk (base prices increased in 10 times)
  • Auction participation  is available for clans with level 5 
  • Clan Hall cost – 5 000 000 Adena per week

c2a5185ace9588f76be95bcd0da4.png Ingame features:

  • Premium Account and VIP System - learn more
  • .menu - server info and useful content, enabling and disabling additional functions
  • Party Matching - updated party matching system will help you find a company you like
  • .lock - security of your account has become even better. Protects against theft during account sharing
  • Achievements - unique achievement system for the development of your character
  • A chain of daily personal quests with useful bonuses for your character
  • Newbie Helper - newbie assistant will provide you with magical support (buff)
  • Exchange - legal way to earn real money

cditmk.jpg Seven Signs

  • The event of Seven Signs operates in a weekly cycle
  • Competition Period start at 7.12.2020 up to 14.12.2020
  • The Mammon’s period start at 14.12.2020 up to 21.12.2020

a2sr82.jpg Zaricheа and Akamanah

  • Drop of cursed weapon will be enabled after server maintenance  at 15 December 2020

wm797h.jpg Sieges

  • First castle sieges will start at 20th December 2020
  • Default castle siege cycle - 14 days. Sundays at 15:00 and 19:00 (+3 UTC)

eu0855.jpg Territory Wars:

  • First Territory Wars will start before second sieges – 2nd January 2021
  • Default Territory Wars cycle - 14 days. Saturday at 20:00 (+ 3 UTC)
  • Before the Territorial Wars begin, each flag returns to its own castle.
  • During the Territorial Wars flags cannot be transferred outside the combat zone.

7xwioe.jpg Grand Olympiad

  • Olympiad will start - 14 December 2020
  • The period of the Olympiad is 14 day cycle and bind depends to the Seven Signs period
  • The period starts on Monday in a Mammon Period and finish on Sunday in a Competition Period of Seven Signs 
  • The end of Olympiad period is always matches with non-siege Sunday.
  • Participation in Olympiad is available for characters with a third class and lvl 78
  • Registration: 1 Computer = 1 Participant
  • In case of defeat no more than 20 points can be taken off
  • The time of the Olympiad:
    • Non-class battle: Monday-Thursday: 20:00-22:00, Friday-Sunday 19:00-23:00
    • Class battle: Saturday 18:00-19:00
  • The Pretender for Hero must have not less than 30 fights and minimum 10 times win
  • Visual equipments effect is automatically disabled for participants and spectators of Olympiad

v2b425.jpg Raid Bosses:

  • Shilen's Messenger Cabrio (Scepter of Darkness for subclass quest) - 6,5 hours +/- 30 minutes
  • Death Lord Hallate (Hallate's Infernium Scepter for subclass quest) - 6,5 hours +/- 30 minutes
  • Kernon (Kernon's Infernium Scepter for subclass quest) - 6,5 hours +/- 30 minutes
  • Longhorn Golkonda (Golkonda's Infernium Scepter for subclass quest) - 6,5 hours +/- 30 minutes
  • Flame of Splendor Barakiel (Staff of Goddess: Rain Song for Nobless Quest) - 8,5 hours +/- 30 minutes
  • Other bosses - 12 hours +within 8 hours random spawn

uz550v.jpg Epic Bosses:

All epic bosses at the start are dead! Respawn begins immediately after the server starts.

  • Core -  36 hours +/- 30 min
  • Zaken-  48 hours +/- 30 min
  • Queen Ant - one time per day, at 19:00-20:00
  • Baium - one time per 5 days, at 21:00-23:00
  • Frintezza - one time per 4 days, at 21:00-22:00
  • Antharas - one time per 8 days, at 20:00-22:00
  • Valakas - one time per 11 days at 21:00

yd14lh.jpg Epic Bosses Changes (according to update 1.6)


  • Orfen has become a high-lvl RB with new farm mechanics. See details in Update 1.6.


  • Total immunity to debuffs has been added;
  • The attacking and defensive stats of the boss are increased for 15%.
  • Number of Ancient Books-Divine Inspiration reduced to 4-12.

Scarlet van Halisha :

  • Total immunity to debuffs has been added;
  • Number of Ancient Books-Divine Inspiration reduced to 5-20.

Battle zone on the following epic bosses:

  • Ant Queen (territory around AQ spawn up to the river)
  • Zaken (the ship and entrance to the ship)
  • Baium (all boss room)
  • Antharas (all nest)
  • Valakas (all nest)
  • Frintezza (entrance room):


The time limit at epic boss zones for dead characters added (no more than 30 minutes). If the limit is exceeded, the character moves to the nearest city. Time expires both in the game and offline, the limit applies to the following epic zones: Zaken, Baium, Antharas, Valakas, Frintezza.

Offline limit reduced to 3 minutes for zones of the following bosses: Baium, Antharas, Valakas, Frintezza

96c6f8c14816c4f96fcbafb760a1.png Floran Village for PK:

  • Dark Gatekeeper Alexandrina will provide PK players with teleporters and helper features
  • Shadow Seller Laura will provide PK players with similar products as Melissa
  • Red Master Stefany will help PK players learn skills and insert / remove augmentation



Skill11539_0.jpg Event Dark Invasion


In this event, players have to fight monsters and raid bosses who came through dark portals in order to capture the world of Elmoradin. Information about the place where portal appears and the recommended players levels is published in chat announcements 10 minutes prior the event starts.
At the appointed time, portals will open and monsters will come out. Monster invasion lasts 20 minutes. After this time, the main Boss appears. Time to kill the main Boss is 20 minutes.

Unique drop:

  • Invasions are divided by level and begin on a schedule. Only players of the listed levels can repel an invasion.
  • Information about the portal’s appearance and recommended levels of players will be announced in 10 minutes prior to  the event.
  • Duration of Monster invasion: 20 minutes. Time to kill Raid Boss: 20 minutes.
  • Rewards:
    • Guaranteed reward: experience, effect on gaining experience (issued to all players within a radius of 2000 from RB)
    • Drop from Monsters: Life Stones, Umbra Coins.
    • Drop from Boss: Life Stones, B and A grade equipment, Enchant Scrolls, Umbra Coins.
  • For all raid bosses at the event, the drop of one of the following jewelries was added D-Grade:
    • Accessary_cerberuss_ring_i00_0.jpg Ring of Invader - M.def 40, MP +32, -5% EXP on death, reduces MP consumption by 5%.
    • Accessary_cerberuss_earing_i00_0.jpg Earning of Invader - M.def 60, MP +42, -5% EXP on death, increases incomming healing effects by 7%.
    • Accessary_cerberuss_necklace_i00_0.jpgNecklace of Invader - M.def 80, MP +66, -5% EXP on death, increases damage to monsters by 5%.

Start Kits and Buff information will be added in the nearest time!



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