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What differs us from others?

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Shock-world is a legendary complex of servers that is famous all over the Russian segment of the internet. A few simple facts about us will nullify your interest in other servers. You might say, “that’s a rather bold statement”? Not exactly, we’re just confident in our services. But the decision is up to you:

The oldest and most experienced of them all
It’s been over nine years since our start and we’re still providing excellent services for our players. We were one of the pioneers in this business and may be the only one still in it. We have a tremendous amount of experience and we live by looking into the future instead of living it tomorrow.

No wipes
We have never wiped any one of our servers. We don’t close them and we do not wipe them. We would never betray the trust of our players. If the server seems to be dying we will just combine it with another one to give it another life so that our players will be able to enjoy playing in the populated world of Aden.

We had many bumps on our road – hacks, attempts to close us, DDoS attacks, financial crisis and so on. But we’re not so easy to break. Those bumps just made us stronger in the long run.

Testing and development of said events consumes a lot of time and energy, they are not always profitable and a lot of players seem to be skeptical about them. Meaning not a lot of servers can afford conducting such events. But we can. Not to mention lots of our out-game events with cool prizes. During all those years we have gathered quite a great and interesting community that is fun not only to play with but also just to talk and chat.

We’re one of the few servers that shows real amount of people online, both on our game servers and our boards. We do not cheat the numbers, trick our users or pay the leaders of huge clans to play on our servers. We are completely honest and transparent about anything that has to do with our servers.

Ambitions and progress
Shock never stays the same, we always come up with new ideas and are always trying to improve our achievements. New server ideas, chronicles, rates, different service approaches, original events, even development of our own chronicles – it’s a whole different experience. Shock-world isn’t just a leader but is also quite a trendsetter when it comes down to Lineage 2 servers.  

Player support and interaction
We always listen to our players and are always open to their ideas and feedback in general. We’re always there to help our players in-game and answer their questions. Our IRC, player support and technical boards are there to help you.

Adequate administration
Our team consists of highly educated mentally stable professionals that have both the qualification and experience when it comes down to Lineage 2.

No cheaters or hackers
We rigorously follow the rules and punish those who do not. Always check on your reports about any kind of violations of our rules. Also our team developed and constantly updates our own defense system against bots.

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