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  1. kamper

    New server January 14, 2022!

    More than year ago, we started first developments for update codenamed TFF 2.0. We mentioned earlier about upcoming theme changes. - "Where are we going?" - and in more detail in "TFF and its beautiful far away". In fact, reworking the gameplay and adapting to modern realities went much further than we planned. Therefore, we have prepared a few update spoilers, above a detailed announcement of which @Ravage has been puffing for week now. True, you shouldn't wait for it earlier than end of November or beginning of December. Work on the update at the TFF stage Clan system and others like it Clan system will undergo many changes. Now the clan leader will be needed as a full-fledged player for the maximum efficiency of the clan in batches, because he will be added active skills that strengthen and support clan members. For instance: Clan noblesse: Applies Noblesse Blessing effect to all clan members. Clan Heal: Restores HP \ CP \ MP to clan members. Summon Clan Flag: There will be several effects, from strengthening clan and weakening enemies, to periodic cleansing of clan members, depending on the summoned flag. And other. It goes without saying that all skills will cost CRP! And main charm is that it will now be much easier to get them: starting from killing RB 40+ and Epic Bosses, ending with the capture and protection of forts. Forts and castles, in turn, will also receive new skills designed to help in the development of owners of territories. Depending on type of "real estate" and level, skills will delight owners with following effects: Bonus to getting drop, spoil and adena + 5%. Exp and SP Gained Bonus + 5% Available when capturing a small fort Bonus to getting drop and spoil and adena + 7%. Exp and SP Gained Bonus + 7% Available when capturing a large fort Available upon capture: Gludio, Dion, Giran, Innadril, Schuttgard, Oren Bonus to getting drop and spoil and adena + 10%. Exp and SP Gained Bonus + 10% Available upon capture: Runes, Goddard, Aden Do not worry that owners will be able to get ahead significantly! Bonus has been chosen to force clans to fight for these forts, but not give excessive advantage. New system of the Academy deserves special attention, presence in which has now been increased to 3rd profession! Forget about begging for shots and gear from honest citizens of Adena! New Academy is designed to help newcomers and solo players, and will also be equally beneficial to all parties. Clan and its leader will receive necessary CRP and skill points for development, and academics, upon completion of key stages, will be awarded with consumables, vitality replenishment and coupons for clan armor of two grades (D-grade and A-grade)! Ability system and class balance It just so happened that the balance in your favorite line is tied not only to equipment and the ability to press the right buttons at the right moment, but also to strengthen the character through buffs. The latter, in turn, can be imposed both by the character himself and by his party members / windows. Because of this system, we get the uselessness of some professions in the field and imbu on Olympiad. Or vice versa. Some of you will say that this is not bad, because each profession has its own purpose. Yes, that's right, but this entails a different problem. If you want to be successful in all areas of the game, then there is a need for several characters. Those. or the path to a large and lively clan, or silent friends behind your back. There is no third. But for most players, especially at low rates, this becomes an overwhelming burden. As a result, a number of content in the form of Olympiad or PVE / PVP components may pass by. People dissatisfied with this state of affairs either make rerolls or leave. It was with the aim of correcting this injustice that we decided to introduce the ability system. Those. transfer all the main gains from buffs to a separate branch of passives with a cut in bonuses from supporting classes. As a result of such changes, we get: reinforced supports, which will have additional utilities in fights less weak DDs in the absence of supports and (most importantly!) ability to properly balance classes, both in the field and on the Olympiad, without looking for crutches that prohibit the use of certain skills in different conditions Such changes entail an approach to the equality of conditions for PVP. The ideal is still far away, but we are on the way to it. I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that this system provides endless possibilities for the formation of setups and the search for a new style of play! You can forget about the imposed and familiar archers and mage packs! Didn't the BD come? Bish fell asleep? Is Wark in a traffic jam from work? No problem! You can invite any other character and go to important event. Agree that this line was not enough ?! In addition to changes in buffs themselves, a number of skills will be broken down into levels. This is done so that the game ceases to be a "survival" to a certain level at which the main skills are unlocked. Those henceforth, there will be no need to pump yourself out of windows or depend on others. There will be no balance skew in the direction of a certain class, depending on the stage of the server. The progression of the professions will be uniform. Peace, chewing gum, lollipop. Calm down, we explain on the fingers! Let's look at the example of the Dark Vortex skill: Skill is split into 5 levels. Level 1 is learned at 58. Level 5 can be learned at 74. Parameters of each level are spelled out in accordance with level of learn, in order to correspond to other skills of character at current stage. Added new enchant directions. These changes will affect not only DD, but also support classes, so that they do not lose their relevance at the initial levels and make their impact to a greater extent than before. There will also be minor skill changes for certain professions and minor fixes to adjust the balance. More on this in full announcement. Spoiler! Frank "gimps" will be finalized. They will add new skills that will fully reveal profession. For example, necromancers: Ultimate Body To Mind: Absorbs 384 HP and recovers 400 MP. Death Howl: Attacks nearby enemies, absorbing some of their HP, and pushes them away from the character. Power 143. Over-hit is possible. Olympiad Someone loved, some hated, and some completely indifferent Olympiad will now be held in 4 arenas (yes, yes!). Also with presence of long-awaited buffer, which will have following enhancements available: And although you can only choose 6 from list, this will provide new opportunities and tactics for battles with long-forgotten classes! Time of Olympiad will also change: battles will now only take place on non-siege weekends. Cycle will remain for two weeks. Such a short period follows from the overall two-week schedule of events, and also contributes to the eradication of the gulf. Class battles have been completely abolished as unnecessary. And if you are not involved in bigwar and are not interested in active life of server, then no problem! Every evening you have the opportunity to test yourself in new battles - 3x3! You will not be bored. Schedule of game events Do you know this wonderful feeling, when he just came in to calmly swing, and then Olympiad started and the PL wrote that the collection for Valakas, and also the passages for Antaras were not made for tomorrow, and that's all? And that was a legitimate three hours to have a nice evening playing! And we know. Therefore, all the main events on the server were transferred to a special cyclical schedule, thanks to which it will be possible to make plans and determine priorities for yourself and your group / clan. At moment, all events are scheduled based on two-week cycle: And right away, let's analyze individual points from specified schedule: "What? RB spawn at 7:00 and 19:00 ?? !!!" Yes, now RB will spawn 2 times per day. All at once. RB was originally conceived as event for small groups and fullocks, and not for solo players who could have more windows. Such RBs as Ember or Lilith / Anakim are of great value and should not be killed in 1-2 people. Now you have to fight for them. "What is Night Zaken?" This is our old friend Pirate, who is tired of guarding shipwreck "in two days" and in upcoming update has been demoted to an instance. You can visit it as a group. "Freya? Hurray, hurray ?!" Yes, hurray. Because Zaken leaves big arena, that is, need to compensate for new event for clans. Accordingly, Epic Boss Freya will be added. Rest of events have long been familiar to everyone. Rebalancing weapons, armor and jewelry To achieve main goal (reducing difference between grades of armor / weapons / jewelry), it was decided to reduce range of progression of parameters of things. Together with other changes, this will give a tangible result in reducing influence of equipment on outcome of PVP and indirectly leveling the gap between players of different levels. Yes, all old familiar meanings and "as on off" will become irrelevant. We also made balance adjustments to set bonuses and Masterwork items. Although everyone liked the rare items with the possibility of their upgrade, some sets still remain irrelevant, so work in this direction also continues. One of the important points: now it will be possible to give "rarity" to your item, turning it into Masterwork. All kinds of Among other things, there are number of changes that there is not much to write about, since they speak for themselves, but some of them are worth mentioning right now: Reduced bonus from enchant Reduced bonus HP when enchant Reduced impact of difference Accuracy / Evasion on target hits Use of cyclic macros in battle is prohibited Reworked VIP and PA system Reduced prices for goods for Territory Badge Added flag about Raid Bosses Added resistance to lifesteal for Raid Bosses and much more... P.S. More changes, as well as detailed descriptions of each of them, await you in the full announcement of the update! P.P.S. Combobard - to be!
  2. kamper

    New server January 14, 2022!

    We were the first to launch trend for our own chronicles and alternative development of game. Since 2017, we have done colossal job to create The Final Frontier! And for more than year now, we have been developing update that was supposed to take it to new level. But! Closer we got to implementation, more we realized that this would be completely different game. Finally, global redesign of gameplay and desire to make comfortable conditions for everyone went beyond the TFF project and turned into new, alternative product - L2 Alternative (aka L2ALT). And now we're heading in direction that will definitely change way you look at game! What is L2 Alternative? L2 Alternative is a modern vision of L2, based on idea and concept of creator Richard Gerriot. Game combines classics and modern requirements, where each class is autonomous and in demand. Most lively market with constant demand for every resource and adena. Crafting in demand, like nowhere else. This is spiritual and conceptual successor to L2 and at same time completely different, new game, which is logical continuation of TFF. Who is this game for? Are you tired of L2, but you can't learn something new and swing from scratch? Have you explored world inside and out, but keep returning to your old characters over and over again? Are there many acquaintances here that you don't want to go to other games? Do you want to play in any class and be in demand? Then L2 Alternative is for you! This game is suitable for completely different people with different interests and needs in game! And most importantly - for those who value their time! Balance is built in such way that people who spend 24/7 in game do not receive paradoxical advantage just at expense of hours spent. Updated content will be able to captivate even those who have played game more than once or twice. Cyclical schedule of events will give you opportunity to find something to your liking on any day of week! Still in doubt? Pluses L2ALT: Unique balance of game without imba classes and frank gimps! Maximum self-sufficiency and relevance for each character. Ability system, which, like other games, allows you to develop any character to your "taste and color", while familiar races and classes, which do not need to understand from scratch! Clear game mechanics familiar from childhood! Same interactions with characters, NPCs and mobs. Advanced clan system that provides an incentive for all players to unite. Outcome of battle is more dependent on skill of player himself than on character boost. All game events follow cyclical schedule, allowing you to make plans and develop harmoniously, rather than choosing between them. Resource-dependent model of the economy: adena and materials are always in price, as well as craft that is in demand more than ever. Minuses L2ALT: Characters still cannot jump.
  3. kamper

    New server January 14, 2022!

    Dear friends! One of the most popular questions on our forum concerns new discovery. And despite fact that we have already answered it more than once, questions continue to pour in different topics and on different project resources. Therefore, while we are preparing and describing all important information for you, let's spoiled! There will be new server! More exact, new server will be January 14, 2022! It will be server with chapter development and many innovations that are designed to do: gameplay interesting spending time in game orderly most of classes are self-sufficient game is comfortable difference between players is much smaller Complete reworking of our previous product is logical continuation of TFF! New game for modern realities! We will definitely tell you about server in more detail and more than once, but for now we will slightly open curtain of update, our developments and upcoming changes to game! We are happy and full of emotions to present to you incredible L2 Alternative!
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