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[Shockolude] Server characteristics x15

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1 . Server’s nameShockolude

2 . Chronicles: Interlude

3 . Files: Retail

4 . Server time : Moscow UTC +4

5 . Opening date: 21.12.2013

6 . Rates(dynamic while slowly going down to x72):

     exp/sp - х30 => x15

  • adena (quantity) - х10 => x6
  • adena (chance) - 70%
  • drop of resources (quantity) - х1
  • drop of resources (chance) - х10 => x5
  • RB & Epic drop (quantity) - х1
  • RB drop (chance) - х4 => x1
  • Epic drop (chance) - х1
  • spoil (chance) - х4
  • sealstones (quantity) - х3
  • quest - x1
  • quest rewards (adena, exp, sp) - x1


7. Gameplay features:
Default start by the default NCsoft rules.

All the spells aside from 3rd profession do not require spellbooks.

  • Global 7 seals quest, default Clan Hall and Castle sieges.
  • Default chances and max levels of enchanting.
    Default Clan Hall prize has been boosted up to 10 times. Clan Halls can be acquired by the level 6 and higher clans.
  • First profession costs 300.000 adena, second one’s price is 3 millions.
    Newbie Helper buffs characters up to 65 level.
    Enabling and Disabling experience command: .expon / .expoff

8. Donate system:



There’s a Melissa seller in every city that you’ll be able to find:

- No premium accounts or any kind of runes
- Dynamically changing list of items that you will be able to get through donations with servers development and growth
- Completely tested concept of donate shop with expensive items that will not create any kind of bad influence for in-game market.

9. Floran Village for Player Killers:

- Floran will have a Dark Gatekeeper Alexandrina with unique list of teleport locations for people with high karma:



- Floran will also have Shadow Seller Laura that’s going to have the same kind of items as Melissa for Player Killers.



- Red Master Stefany will be in Floran so that people with high karmas could learn skills and delete\add augmentations.




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